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Tamil Chair at Harvard University

“We are very pleased to convey to you our desire to support the establishment of the first Sangam Professorship in Tamil Studies at Harvard University. We are thrilled to work with the Tamil community towards this shared goal. This effort will require a total commitment of $6 million”.

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ஹார்வர்ட் தமிழ் இருக்கைக்கு டல்லாஸில் 5 லட்சம் டாலர்கள் நிதி உதவி!

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Source: Tamil One India | December 19, 2016

D-FW donors give biggest contribution to Harvard chair in Tamil literature

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Source: Dallas News | December 29, 2016



Why Tamil Chair?

Why Harvard for Tamil Chair?

Harvard Tamil Chair

First Sangam Professorship in Tamil Studies at Harvard University

What is

Tamil chair?

Effort to promote the significance of Tamil language studies

Need for a

Tamil chair?

To represent a great prestige for Tamil in Harvard University

Why at


Harvard provides a great opportunity for Tamil scholars

Benefits of

Tamil chair?

Tamil language’s legacy to survive and grow.

Once the Chair
is endowed,

Tamil will be taught as long as Harvard University exists.

Harvard University has reviewed and accepted a proposal to institute a “Sangam Tamil Chair” in the Department of South Asian Studies with the primary focus on the studies of the Tamil Sangam Literature.


Honourable Donors

Canadian Tamil Sangam Donor

Tamil Canadians Support the Establishment of Tamil Chair in Harvard University


Speech by

Jonathan Ripley

Jonathan Ripley's Tamil Speech @ FeTNA 2016 - NewJersey


Communications with Harvard University

A Letter from Harvard University!
Sangam Professorship in Tamil Information
Sangam Tamil Chair at Harvard University!

Need for a Tamil Chair?

Tamil language has one of the oldest written traditions in all of Asia and boasts a rich body of literary work dating back 2,500 years.
Currently, Tamil is the 20th most commonly-spoken language (by 80 million people) in the world, with vibrant literatures for over 2 thousand years.